wealthy and healthy


Am a GNLD products distributor by the name DAKA WAIRA EMMANUEL, GNLD ID no: 40/4093525 and professionally a computer scientist and Graphic designer. Am really proud of being part of the GNLD family because of this am healthy,physically stable internally and my view of life have very much changed for the better since i joined GNLD.

The popularity of GNLD products is the result of honest performance rather than high-powered advertising and hype. GNLD is products you can bet your life on. We don’t have to hype it, hire celebrities to push it or tell stories that aren’t true — the products speak for themselves. Once a customer, always a customer! Most of our customers have been with us for decades! Reflecting a long-term commitment to health and prosperity, GNLD NeoLife’s product line is the key to their rare longevity in an intensely competitive industry.


In an age when individuals are faced with an overwhelming number of vitamin supplement choices we are honored that you would take time to take a closer look at GNLD (NeoLife), a company and community who shares, cares and strives to change the way you live.

GNLD is committed to providing nutrients in forms found in nature. For example, in the human food chain, alpha-tocopherol never exists alone. Unfortunately, that’s how it exists in most supplements on the market today. In nature, alpha-tocopherol is found with the other members of the vitamin E family — beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols and alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienols. And that’s how you find it in our GNLD supplements, which are derived from whole foods. The result is a supplement that provides a diversity of nutrients in natural ratios and more complete protection than you could get with alpha-tocopherol alone.

We are confident that you will discover that GNLD helps others live their best by offering Exceptional Products, a team of Dynamic Leaders and a Limitless Opportunity.


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